Do you need your own prioritization model? Discover how Agile Cockpit helps you organize your portfolio

Agile Cockpit helps to smartly organize the portfolio on business value, so that the various strategic initiatives are well aligned. 

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Who are we?

We are an enthusiastic team of experts in the field of agile and portfolio management. Our mission is to help our customers get closer to their mission. Together we give a boost to your portfolio and agile working method.

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Ask our experts!

Together we work on specific challenges for our customers. However, there are many questions that often come up. These are often about how to make better choices in priorities, how to create alignment, how do I increase the predictability of the portfolio, how do I make strategic goals transparent and how do I increase the chance of success of all projects in the portfolio? We answer all questions! Ask our portfoliomanagement expert panel. They will answer you as soon as possible and help you further.

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The biggest challenge for a portfolio manager is being able to properly prioritize new initiatives. Deploy different teams in an efficient and effective way to achieve organizational objectives. But how do you do this within agile portfolio management? Register now for our free webinar 'Best Practices of Portfolio Management' and we will help you with this.


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