Lunch-sessions agile portfolio management

In the lunch session we bring portfolio managers together to look together at the developments within (agile) portfolio management, share knowledge and learn from each other's experiences in the field of (agile) portfolio management. Each session has its own theme in which we arrange a guest speaker who takes us along.

Product owner and business owner participation

In agile portfolio management it is also necessary to involve your product owners and business owners in portfolio management. They have short lines of communication with the knowledge and know-how in their teams. Often there are several possible routes towards an intended goal, for which the required effort differs greatly. That knowledge is extremely valuable when making trade-offs. Would you like to learn more about this? You can do that during our lunch session on April 13, 2023.  

Top of the mountain

Portfolio management in progress

There is a lot involved in the implementation of portfolio management, for example, many portfolio decisions are made based on the current performance of teams, often with the assumption that this will remain constant. The opposite is true. Therefore, continue to invest in strengthening the realization power of the teams. Would you like more tips on how to implement portfolio management? Then come to the lunch session on September 6, 2023