Webinar Jira Beauty and the beast

Jira is a powerful tool, but it can get out of hand very easily. Once it goes out of control, it is very possible to structure it again. Learn to understand better and implement well from the start. Let's talk about how...


Many organizations that use Jira have underestimated the work of a good implementation and paid relatively little attention to:

  • Set-up and usage agreements
  • Support and maintenance
  • User type-specific training
  • Rights structure Interface design

In the beginning with few users of few different types, this is often not really a problem, but as there are more users, more projects and more user types, the complexity of the design increases and the problems often increase with it. Jira's complexity is often blamed. The further you get, the more difficult it is to solve this, because it requires a change of habits and the design has become complex.

In this first installment of our series of interactive webinars, our experienced Jira consultants provide tips, we let you take a critical look at your own installation, we warn you about pitfalls and we pay attention to improving existing and setting up new installations.

In addition, we and other participants would like to hear about your experience and what other issues you have as inspiration for topics for subsequent webinars.

Does the above sound familiar or do you want to share your own experiences, register here for this webinar.


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